Sunday, 5 May 2013

5 May Service Changes

Route 170 will undergo time changes and have a new timed stop at Corbel St/Tudor Av Nth.
Routes 176, 177, 179, 208, 210, and 211 will undergo time changes.
Route 205 will be renumbered to route 200, and will undergo minor time changes.
Route 206 will undergo time changes, have extra timed stops at Sugarwood Dr/Garden St and Langford Av/Nicholson Rd, and have its route to Murdoch Uni changed to use new bus lanes on Barry Marshal Parade.
Route 207 will undergo time changes, have an extra timed stop at Garden St/Nicholson Rd, and have its route to Murdoch Uni changed to use new bus lanes on Barry Marshal Parade.
An enhanced frequent service corridor along Shepparton Rd and Albany Hwy will be created. Service will be every 5 minutes between Westfield Carousel and the Busport in the peak, 7-8 minutes between Carousel and Perth and 15 minutes from Thornlie Square SC in during weekday midday, every 15 minutes until 9:15 pm and 30 minutes until 11:15 pm as far as Thornlie on week nights. Service will be every 30 minutes on Saturdays and hourly on Sundays between Perth and Thornlie.
Consequently, the 212 will see 42 extra city-bound services (2 earlier and 2 later), and 40 extra outbound services (1 earlier and 2 later). Many will terminate at Carousel and a few terminate at Thornlie Station.
I think that the stark difference between weekday and weekend services is unnecessary- there should be extra short 212s increasing frequency to every 15 minutes on Saturdays and 30 minutes on Sundays up to Carousel, in line with Northern suburbs frequent service corridors, as well as the 501 and 507.
The 205 could also have stayed the same number, with the 200 route number used for Carousel short 212s (and 209 for Thornlie short runs?), but 200 is a bit far from 212 or 210, and in any case would the 205 number would likely have been used for another route (could the 205 have been the 204? Or would that be used too?).
The 214 will be absorbed into the 517, as one route going from Murdoch to Thronlie via Southern River, improving connectivity for passengers.
Route 423 will gain a trip, leaving Stirling Stn at 2:22pm and arriving at Warwick Stn at 3:22pm.
The 425 will undergo time changes, and increase its weekday interpeak frequency to 30 minutes.
The 441 and 442 will also have time changes, weekday midday frequency increases to 30 minutes, and depart from Stand 3 at Warwick Stn now.
Routes 443 and 444 will have time changes, weekday midday frequency increases to every 30 minutes too, and will depart from Stand 4 at Warwick Stn.
The 445 and 446 will, like the above routes, time changes, weekday interpeak frequency increases to every half-hour, and depart from Stand 5 at Warwick Stn.
It is encouraging to see the move to half-hourly midday services that I advocated on weekdays.
The 447 will have time changes and a movement to Stand 2 at Warwick Stn, to be joined by the 344 and 371.
Route 518 will operate along Barry Marshal Parade to Murdoch Uni.
The 519, 850, and 851 will undergo time changes and travel along Barry Marshall Parade to Murdoch University.
New bus priority to Murdoch Uni is good news for buses, but it looks not all services have time changes. The increased speed of segregated bus operation, the good news, should have been accompanied with quicker bus timetables, unless if the aim was to increase reliability.

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