Saturday, 20 April 2013

21 April Service changes

There are many service changes due for the 21 April, across the eastern and northern service areas of Transperth.

Routes 36, 40, 285, 286, 287, 288, 291, 293, 294, 296, 297, 298, 299, 310, 311, 312, 314, 315, 324, 325, 381, 402, 403, 404, 424, 427 and 428 will undergo time changes.
Routes 40, 297, 388, 402, 403, 404 and 456 will operate additional trips.
Routes 16, 21, 22, 60, 66, 67, 68, 293, 295, 296, 299, and 428 will undergo route changes.
Routes 291 and 298 will change timetable numbers.
Route 450 will become a fully accessible bus.

One of the biggest changes to bus services this round will be the route change to the 16, 21, 22, 60, 67 and 68, for inbound trips, to take advantage of the two-waying of Beaufort St. Due to delays in City of Vincent works between Brisbane St and Newcastle St, and the completion of City of Perth works making William St too narrow for buses, according to Transperth.
The 16 and 60 will turn from William St left to Bulwer St, right to Brisbane St, left to Stirling St, right to Newcastle St, left to Beaufort St, right to Wellington St, and left to William St to continue to the Busport.
The 21, 22, 66, 67 and 68 will turn from Beaufort St left to Bulwer St , right to Brisbane St, left to Stirling St, right to Newcastle St, left to Beaufort St, right to Wellington St, and left to William St to continue to the Busport.

A very big improvement here is for the Great Eastern Highway corridor. Up to Coolgardie Av, there will be buses every 5 minutes during peak hour in the peak direction, 10 minutes during midday weekdays, 15 minutes until 9:15 pm on weeknights, and every 30 minutes until 11:15 pm on weeknights, and all day on Saturdays and Sundays.
Not only will frequency be increased, but speed too. Bus priority measures have been upgraded as part of the Great Eastern Highway widening, with some peak hour services being sped up by 7 minutes.
The 293, 295, 296 and 299 will change routing to operate from the Busport, directly along Mill St to reach St Georges Tce, to ensure consistency in the routing of Great Eastern Highway buses.

The 291 will move from the Eastern 109 timetable to the Eastern 98, and the 298 from Eastern 109 to Eastern 108.
The 297 will see extra trips, with the frequency increased to every hour at weekday midday, and every half-hour during the afternoon peak, with earlier and later services added.

The 381's sole Fremantle-bound trip will depart Warwick 4 minutes earlier.
The Wanneroo Rd Corridor will gain an earlier trip, with a short 388 departing Amelia St at 5:08 am, and arrriving at Wellington St bus station at 5:38 am.
The 402 will also gain an early morning trip, leaving Stirling at 5:08 am.
The 403 will gain a relatively early Sunday morning trip, leaving Wellington St at 8:45 am.
The 404 will gain an extra weekday morning trip departing the Waterloo St/Royal St terminal at 6:35 am.
The frequency co-ordination on Loftus St between the 402, 403 and 404 has been modified. Even though the combined routes reach a frequency of 4bph from Monday to Saturday, they were only co-ordinated in the outbound direction on weekdays. Inbound weekday services, as well as all Saturday services, were bunched to some degree (7-23 or 8-22 rather than 15-15 intervals). After the changes, at all times and directions mentioned service will be at even 15 minute headways, except for inbound on weekdays where there will be 20-10 headways, which seems odd, unless if I'm missing something.
The 428 will undergo a route change, so that it goes directly from Karrinyup Rd to Jones St, rather than deviating through Roselea estate.
The 451 will be withdrawn, as it was run only on a trial basis.
Using the resources from the 451 withdrawal, the 456 will be expanded to a 7 day a week service, with weekday service every 20 minutes during peak hour, and every 30 minutes the rest of the day. The route will also change, from the Seacrest and St Helier Drs route to a Howland Rd, Lacepede Dr and St Helier Dr.

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