Sunday, 31 March 2013

31 March 2013 changes

On Sunday the 31 March, several changes are due for the Transperth bus network.


There will be an improved frequent service corridor along Flinders St, with, as well as existing 15-minutely weekday service, co-ordinated 15-minute service on Saturdays, and 30 minute service on Sundays.

The 354 and 870 will have additional morning peak services, and time changes.
The 370, previously a weekend-only route, will receive a weekday afternoon counter-peak trip, leaving Mirrabooka at 5:48pm.

The 365 will have two extra late morning peak shoulder services, leaving Kingsway SC at 8:37 am and 9:07 am, and time changes.

The 371 will see significant frequency upgrades. Peak hour frequency will be increased to every 10 minutes. Midday weekday frequency increases to every 15 minutes across the whole route, where previously only the section from Mirrabooka to Warwick had 15-minutely buses, through the use of short trips, and buses ran half-hourly from Mirrabooka to Morley. Weekend frequency will be increased to every half-hour.

The old 391
It's a pity that on Saturdays, the 371 still finishes at 7pm, and the half-hourly 371s are bunched with the half-hourly 415s (they are only a minute apart leaving Mirrabooka westbound on Ravenswood Dr, and five minutes apart eastbound, going to Mirrabooka), where a frequent corridor with 15 minute service could be implemented.

The 372 will have an extra late morning peak shoulder bus, leaving Landsdale Rd/Dunlop Ent at 9:15 am, and time changes.

Routes 376, 377, 378 and 379 will undergo time changes.

The 391 will undergo a route change in Banksia Grove, to serve new developments.
The new 391

The frequency of the 467 on weekday middays will be increased to every 30 minutes.

The 480 leaving Marmion Av/Santorini Prom at 7:42 am will be converted into a 490D leaving Marmion AV before Cinnabar Dr at 7:36 am.

The 481, 482, 483 and 484 will receive extra weekday trips to Clarkson train station.


On weekdays, there will be additional 106s, and additional 111s to Perth.

The 160 will have time changes.

The 501 will undergo major frequency upgrades. Frequency will increase from every 30 minutes on Saturdays, and hourly on Sundays, to every 15 minutes on Saturdays, and 30 minutes on Sundays.

Route 940 will have an extra earlier trip to Perth, leaving Hamilton Hill Hall at 5:36am (the previous first trip is at 5:51am)

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