Tuesday, 15 January 2013

3/2/13 Service Changes (Eastern and Northern)

On 3rd February 2013 a whole wad of service changes will be implemented, across the Transperth network. This post will detail the changes occurring in the Eastern and Northern areas.

In the Eastern area, there will be a couple of extra trips on the 955 and 956 to Ellenbrook. There will be an extra 956 to Bassendean before the current first bus, leaving the terminus at 4:55am and arriving in Bassendean at 5:30am, improving the span of service, allowing passengers to arrive into the city before 6am, although it's a bit premature, I think, seeing as there are no buses for travellers to Ellenbrook leaving the city after 9:30pm. There is also an additional 955 to Ellenbrook, leaving Morley at 6:38pm and arriving in the Ellenbrook terminus at 7:22pm. This is a good improvement to afternoon peak shoulder service, where ther previously was a 45 minute gap in outbound buses.

In the Northern area, there will be time changes to the 410, 412 (adding different schedules for a couple of outbound weekday morning runs depending on whether it's a school day or school holiday), 415, 441, 443, and 444. Trips will be added to the 15 and 442.
The 15 will see school day only runs departing Wellington St Stn at 8:05am and 8:10am, terminating at Oxford St near Scarborough Beach Rd at 8:27am and 8:32am respectively, and the former school day-only service departing Wellington St at 8:15am forming a full service through to Glendalough.
The 442 will have an extra trip from Warwick Stn, departing at 6:50am, and arriving at Whitfords at 7:19am, a good morning peak bonus for those living on the northern section the 442.


  1. Also an extra inbound 15 trip arriving at 8:10 - now departs from Glendalough every 10 minutes 7:15 to 7:45

  2. There's that too... And also the reduction of the 381 to just 1 trip each way; one leaving Warwick at 6:55 am, and the other leaving Fremantle at 5:55pm, I believe. I'm not sure what to think about this; the 381 had potential as a route to connect beaches, but it should've run on weekends, at least every hour (preferably more), and was near useless as a weekday-only route running every 2 to 3 hours (maybe it wasn't so bad on school holidays, but the frequency was still poor). The Cambridge St changes we're getting in exchange look promising though.