Saturday, 18 February 2012

Service changes Routes 37-39 (Airport, Belmont, Kings Park)

On Sunday 19th of February there will be some changes to Routes 37, 38 and 39, serving the Domestic Airport (only the former), and Belmont, concerning their extension into Kings Park on weekends (except the weekday-only 38).
Previously , the 39 would extend to Kings Park on weekends (before 6:30pm on Saturdays), for half-hourly 39 service to Kings Park on Saturdays, and hourly service on Sundays. All 37 trips before 6pm would extend to Kings Park on Saturday, and on Sundays every second trip before 6:30 pm , plus an extra trip after that, would extend to Kings Park, for half hourly frequency on Saturdays and hourly on Sundays of 37s to Kings Park. This adds up to a 15 minute frequency on Saturdays and a 30 minute frequency on Sundays to Kings Park.
Under the changes the 39 will serve Esplanade Busport, instead of Kings Park, which will instead be solely served by the 37. To maintain current frequency all 37s will go to Kings Park on Sundays, and on Saturdays frequency will be doubled to every 15 min from Belvidere St / Gardiner St (Belmont), matching weekday frequency.
This high frequency does not extend to the Domestic Airport, which is what the route is designed to serve, but perhaps this just shows that its winding route through suburbia is not ideal for Airport service. The 36 and 40 used to deviate to the airport a few years ago, travelling straight along Great Eastern Highway, but that service was removed when airport management claimed a redevelopment plan would cause congestion with high levels of bus service (not adequately catering to buses?), which is unfortunate.
Route 39 will also go through some time changes, but no new service will be added.
While Route 39 users may lose a one-seat ride, that was a one seat ride only on every second trip. The changes will simplify the bus network, especially given that the 39 still went to the Busport, so now the 39 will  have one route for the whole week.

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