Saturday, 17 December 2011

Clarkson service changes

On Sunday 18th December (tomorrow) there will be some changes occuring to the bus services north of Clarkson train station. A new route will be created as a short run of the long and underserved 490 to Two Rocks, and the latter will be bolstered in frequency. There will be some other minor changes and an extension to a new development at Alkimos. These will increase the utility of the bus network in that area.

Route 480 will be introduced, which will follow the 490 until its terminus on Marmion Av before Santorini Prom (the limit of suburban development in Butler for the moment). Services will operate 20 minutes in  peak hour, hourly during off-peak on weekdays and every 2 hours on Sundays (no Saturday service). 490 to Two Rocks via Yanchep will have many extra services, with buses every 20 min during peak hour, hourly during weekday off-peak and Saturdays and every 2 hours on Sundays. These two services will be co-ordinated to provide buses every 10 min during the peak, 30 min on weekday off-peak and hourly on weekends on  the common section between Clarkson station and Butler. This frequency is (slightly) better than what is normally provided and better public transport on Marmion Av will spur growth in PT usage.
 Route 482 will have some minor timing changes. There will be extra trips to Clarkson at 5:15am and 9:05am.
Route 483 will also have some changes. The first bus at 5:17am which deviated to Clarkson Community High School to serve 484 passengers will no longer do this and will now depart at 5:22am , and an early 484 will be provided. An additional 483 from Clarkson will depart at 6:01 pm.
Route 484 will also get some changes. It will be extended north into the Trinity Estate in Alkimos, and the service explained previosly will depart Alkimos at 5:14am, and there will also be a new 9:35am bus from Alkimos.
These small changes will in general increase the quality and ridership of public transport in the area, and reduce the pressure on the very popular Park n'Ride at Clarkson

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