Monday, 7 November 2011

More thoughts on northern suburbs service changes

Major service changes came into effect yesterday in the northern suburbs, and while I have done a three-part analysis of the changes already, I did not have access to timetables. With services to and from Mirrabooka, I have found some further improvements but also a few gripes
On Saturdays the 888 is coordinated with the 354 and 370 to provide TUAG services every 15 min from Mirrabooka to Wellington St bus station, and provides 371 connections. On Sundays however, while services run every half hour, there are still no services past 8pm, despite the second last bus being half an hour before the last bus at 7:50pm.
In terms of feeders, there is still a gap in afternoon inbound service on the 376, so school students at Mercy College or John Septimus Roe who miss the bus still need to wait for an hour, despite a service 30 min before and 30 min after that gap.
Talking about long gaps, I apologise for my sparse posting, because as the name of this blog suggests, school has kept me busy. (Disclosure: My school is served by the 376, so the latter paragraph effects me and so there is reason to think there is bias, but the problem is still real).

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